Australia: Man tracks down the Dr that gave one of his family members the covid vaccine and they died after taking it

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Posted by Kane on August 8, 2022 10:24 am

This video has gone viral the past 36 hours, but at last check, there is no confirmation.


Perhaps the Aussie contingent of CFP Nation has read the full story.


NY Post tries to get to the bottom of the incident…


Crazed man hits car with boomerangs, destroys window in wild rage over vaccines

Dramatic footage has emerged of a strange and terrifying road rage incident in which a shirtless Australian man smashes a car mirror and window before berating the driver and a passenger over vaccines.

The ordeal was captured by the person in the car’s passenger seat.

It begins with the shirtless man grabbing at the mirror on the driver’s side. He then moves his face close to the mirror, briefly examines his reflection, and proceeds to headbutt it.

Brandishing a wooden boomerang, the man hits the mirror and then the driver’s window, snapping the boomerang in the process.

The shirtless man destroyed the car’s mirror and window while he was raging.

“Broke my f***ing boomerang,” he vents.

“Are you catching this?” the driver asks his passenger as the man briefly moves out of shot before re-emerging with a second boomerang.

He repeatedly hits the side mirror again, eventually dislodging the glass, then hammers on the window while shouting obscenities at the car’s occupants.

The words “you f***ing piece of s***” are discernible amidst the shouting.

Finally, the man punches the window with his fist and then slams it with an open palm, shattering it completely.

At one point, the man grabbed the driver by his shirt.

Calling the driver and his passenger “idiots”, the man shouts about them getting “the vaccine.” He strikes the car’s steering wheel and briefly grabs the neck of the driver’s hoodie.

“You’ve both got the vaccine and it’s cost a life,” the man yells.

“Leave me alone,” the driver tells him as he walks away.

You can watch footage of the incident in the video player above.

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