My Medical Freedom

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Why Medical Freedom?

Caring for Others

Some people can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach.  What helps one person can hurt another.  Everyone’s medical condition is different.  Some people can take certain drugs and vaccines while others cannot.  Not imposing on someone else keeps them safe.  The first rule of medicine is do no harm.

Medical Freedom is a Fundamental Human Right

Nothing is more sacred than your body.  If someone can put something in your body against your will, then no other laws protecting you matter.  Laws protecting you from physical violence wouldn’t matter if needles can hurt you just the same. 

Protects Diversity

Everyone is unique with different beliefs.  Some beliefs are very personal and some have worked for thousands of years.  Medical freedom respects the beliefs that have guided mankind for ages.


Medical freedom has not always been respected.  Tyrannical governments have used medical authoritarianism to experiment on people without their consent or to politically divide people.  It’s even happened in the USA.  Wars are fought for freedom.  Being on the side of freedom means being on the right side of history.

Guarantees Legal Victories

What if a medical procedure hurts you?  You have to win in court and in some cases, you can’t even sue.  When you have freedom of choice, you can refuse medical treatments so you never end up harmed in the first place.

Protects Against Mistakes

What if the governments and corporations pushing a treatment are wrong?  It’s happened many times before such as with the 1976 Swine Flu, where people died and received serious lifelong injuries with an FDA approved vaccine.

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