Why Are Some Canadians Trying To Discredit Pat King’s Court Case?

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— Why are some Canadians trying to discredit Pat King’s court case?

Why are some Canadian freedom fighters trying to discredit Pat King’s fight with the government of Alberta?

In this video, I have captured screen recordings of ‘The Angry Albertan and ‘Mark Friesen posting on their Facebook pages what appears to be debunking/discrediting Pat King’s recent court case.

In my opinion, even when it all plays out, and it hasn’t yet if Pat King loses it’s still a win for him and all of us.

To downplay Pat King this soon is wrong on every level.

Pat King should be commended for his efforts, and I might add, for the most part on his own.

The Montreal lawyer in the YouTube video below should have gotten his facts straight before he decided to go on a rant about a man he knows very little of.

You will note at the beginning of the video he says backed by popular demand, that’s a flag right there, how do we know this to be true.

Also, he misquotes Pat King when he said that he had been protesting the covid lockdowns for 200 weeks, what Pat King meant was that they had started out protesting the Justin Trudeau government’s attempt to shut down Alberta’s Oil & Gas industry.


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