Why Are So Many People Being Accidentally Injected With Saline Instead Of COVID Vaccines?

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July 1st 2021, 3:07 pm


Are placebos being mixed in with the experimental jabs?


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Vaccine clinics across America and even in Canada have reported “accidentally” injecting people with saline when they expect to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.


Beginning as early as March of 2021, vaccine sites started reporting the mix-ups without providing details as to how a saline solution was injected into people instead of the COVID shot.


A March 10, 2021 article out of Richmond, Virginia described people getting COVID-19 vaccines at a Kroger Pharmacy only to find out they were injected with saline.


“Kroger didn’t say exactly how many people were impacted by this mix-up just that it was a small number of people,” the article explained.


One week later, a Minnesota clinic also gave “a small number” of patients a saline solution when they meant to inject them with a COVID vaccine.


Pharmacist Cory Middendorf explained to Fox 9 that the Pfizer vaccine has to be mixed with saline before administration and that they’re both kept in similar-looking vials.


In fact, a Minnesota clinic in February of 2021 accidentally mixed a sterile water injection with the Pfizer COVID vaccine instead of the saline solution.


62 patients were injected with the improper water injection vaccines.


In April 2021, a North Carolina Walgreens pharmacy gave a “limited number” of patients the saline solution instead of the COVID-19 vaccination.


The Charlotte Observer reported, “The company did not specify how many people were affected or at which store the mix up occurred.”


That same month, six individuals at a Canadian COVID vaccine clinic were mistakenly jabbed with a saline solution.


“Our internal quality assurance processes allowed us to identify this issue in a timely manner and contact the impacted individuals to disclose the issue, offer support and have them tested for antibodies to identify those who needed to be re-injected with vaccine,” the company responsible stated.


Next, in June, the South Carolina Health Department announced “a small number of people” were given saline instead of the COVID vaccine.


The pharmacy responsible for the error did not say how many people were affected.


With more proof surfacing every day showing adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines are far more common and serious than the establishment says, it is in the realm of possibility that a placebo is intermittently administered to reduce the volume of negative responses.


When a couple of YouTubers decided to go take the COVID-19 vaccine for a video in December of 2020, the pharmacist tried to give one type of vaccination to the Asian male and a totally different vaccination to the black female.


“They tried to give Shani a different brand than what they gave me,” the shocked YouTuber explained.


What’s the deal with that?


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