Vaccines destroying natural immunity making virus more severe

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2021-09-11 09:12 by Karl Denninger
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I told you a few weeks ago I was seeing very disturbing data that strongly suggested the jabs were, in some form or fashion, destroying existing immunity or otherwise potentiating more-severe disease.  I didn’t have the hard data to quantify it, but I’ve mentioned the drift in the data streams for some time now.  It was clear and convincing, but not quantifiable.  Until now.

I didn’t then (and still don’t) know the mechanism; I don’t have billions of dollars of lab laying around I can play with.  But on the data it was happening; it was not conclusive but the evidence shift was clear in the data pattern; what had been protection from being harmed if you were jabbed was trending toward neutral in the aggregate and anecdotes suggested harm.

Well, now we have it, and yeah, it’s harm.

Note the right two columns.  They adjust for per-100,000, which is the only accurate way to do it — you must adjust raw rates for the population prevalence of the specific condition under test.

This data shows conclusively that for anyone between 40 and 79 being vaccinated makes it more-likely for you to get Covid-19.

That means what you think it does: If you took the jabs you are the plague rat; you are more-likely to get (and thus transmit) the disease than an unvaccinated person.

Britain had studiously avoided publishing the ranged data like this in their updates until now.  I don’t know why they did it this time but it doesn’t matter.  Their data continues to claim that the jabs are effective in preventing hospitalization and death but the exact opposite is true when it comes to getting Covid-19 which means those who are vaccinated may acquire personal protection but in doing so become Angels of Death to others.

If you have trouble with numerical tables here it is in bar charts:

In addition this is arguably one of the most-immune populations — or should I say allegedly immune — on the planet.

n this report, we present the results using a 4-weekly average, of testing samples up to 27 August 2021, which takes account of the age and geographical distribution of the English population. Overall, the proportion of the population with antibodies using the Roche N and Roche S assays respectively were 18.1% and 97.7% for the period 2 August to 27 August (weeks 31 to 34) (Figure 3). This compares with 18.2% Roche N seropositivity and 97.0% Roche S seropositivity for the period of 5 July to 30 July (weeks 27 to 30).

In other words 97% of the population has either infection-acquired immunity or vaccination-acquired “alleged” immunity.  That is so close to 100% it is indistinguishable and makes clear that Biden’s actions not only won’t work they can’t because even with effectively 100% coverage Delta continues to go straight through vaccinated individual’s immunity and, as the above data shows, the vaccinated are the ones spreading the virus.  They are literal plague rats killing the unvaccinated who have not seroconverted.

Let me be perfectly-clear: The vaccines are worthless in stopping the acquisition and transmission of disease.  With nearly 100% antibody coverage if the jabs worked at all Britain would be a literal dead-end for anyone who got the virus and it would be gone there.  Cases would be as common as measles; onsie-twosie here and there.  It isn’t gone which is hard, scientific proof that the jabs do not work to stop Covid-19 from circulating in the population and this data proves that in fact it makes infection and transmission more-likely rather than less in very large swaths of the population as a whole.

The seroconversion prevalence by prior infection is very close to the NEJM numbers for the United States.  As such we can expect the same outcome here; if you are seroconverted you are safe and sterile immune but if you are vaccinated and between 40 and 79 you are not only getting Covid you are infecting and killing those who have not seroconverted via infection and in fact are driving both unvaccinated and vaccine-failure infections leading to serious disease and death.

Also, as expected young people are over-represented in having had Covid-19 and thus being presumptively immune.  In the UK for those under 30 that number stands at 27.7%, greater than one in four.  These people have no reason whatsoever to take the jabs as all they offer is personal risk.

The data is clear:

  • The jabs are destroying existing immunity in that they have negative effectiveness in preventing infection among a wide swath of the population.  If you get (or have been) vaccinated and are between 40 and 79 you are more-likely to acquire a Covid-19 infection and thus be able to spread it than an unvaccinated individual. 
  • The jabs do appear to continue to confer protection against hospitalization and death however this must be, on a public-health basis, compared with what they do to others.  For those who cannot be vaccinated (e.g. immune compromised where the jabs will not “take”, for example) creating a mass of walking plague rats will kill those individuals at a materially higher rate.  Public health is about the aggregate impact on the population.  We made the decision to change the DTP vaccine in children to DTaP because, even though as the latter is non-sterilizing and thus occasionally caused an infant to get infected by his sibling and get very sick or die the aggregate harm was lower than that caused by the DTP vaccine across everyone, including those who needed tetanus boosters and could not get a stand-alone tetanus shot as they are not produced. 
  • The trend toward failure in preventing death is one of deterioration.  While this has not yet accelerated greatly it likely will.  This is due to two problems; the sequencing in public databanks which suggests VEI is just a matter of time and waning antibody titers over time.  These two are are very likely to combine in the months ahead and the probability of them doing so into the maw of flu season this winter is, by my estimation and previous timelines for mutation (e.g. Delta’s emergence in said databanks to it becoming prevalent) is likely odds-on.  If it happens those not previously infected but vaccinated are going to get slaughtered this winter given the above data.  If this is done intentionally by some nation that just-coincidentally doesn’t allow the vaccines that exhibit this problem as we do in in the US, the UK, Israel and similar…..

Let me point out that recombination, which is how someone with a lab would create said “oh crap!” strain, is easy.  It is one of the natural mechanisms by which new strains emerge.  For this reason and because no manual tampering with the virus is necessary to do it proving someone did it and it was a natural event when it happens will be, other than by direct capture and testimony of the persons responsible will be impossible.

There is an argument for those who are specifically-morbid, which is correlated (but not caused) by age to take the jabs.  But for those who are not morbid the data continues to show that while there is no such thing as a risk-free existence and this virus can and occasionally does get people without morbidity it almost-never kills or hospitalizes you.  Mass-vaccinating the healthy, however, winds up killing those who cannot (not by choice, but by medical necessity) take said jabs.

To be blunt: I acquired sterilizing immunity to infection by taking personal risk in that I got Covid-19.  I did not do that intentionally (that would be stupid) but I did prepare for what I considered inevitable, and it occurred.  What I did not do was put others at enhanced risk, which the data now says occurs if you are not previously infected and get jabbed for the benefit of my own protection against severe disease.  I also did not take the risk of the next mutation killing me, a risk that, if vaccinated you cannot un-do once you do it.

The evidence is clear: While we should continue to make available said jabs any form of compulsion is in fact manslaughter since there is a reasonable contingent of persons who, for medical reasons, cannot be vaccinated and thus cannot avail themselves of the option to be protected against hospitalization and death.  In non-morbid people this protection is of little value since the base rate of harm is extremely low.

To repeat: Mass-vaccinating non-morbid people kills the unable-to-be-vaccinated through intentional increase of their risk which exceeds the benefit to the non-morbid vaccinated person.  It is thus not only contrary to public health it can legitimately be considered maliciously so and thus intentional manslaughter or worse.

Joe Biden and your employer, if they go along with it, are trying to kill your immune-compromised child, mother, father or grandparent.

That’s the data and it is likely to get even worse in the weeks and months ahead.

One final thought: If you took the jabs before now, not knowing the above then it is what it is; you were deceived, told this wouldn’t happen and thus are the victim of a bunch of murderous pricks who knew damn well that there was every reason to believe this might happen due to previous attempts to create coronavirus vaccines.  As I said above if you’re materially morbid I can understand the choice, even today, although I think you’re going to seriously regret it, possibly within months.  But if you, as a non-morbid person, irrespective of age, take those jabs now whether of your own free will or a mandate you’re a five-alarm *******, a minion of the Devil, you’re willing to kill others for alleged “protection” that is statistically worth zero to you, I want nothing to do with you as you a monster and I hope you get what you deserve for doing so in this life or the next and it hurts.  That goes double if you give it to your children; they are at statistical zero risk and thus you’re intentionally killing other people and deserve to hang for it.

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