US spent 1.7x more money to fight COVID than WWII

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DAVID STROM 5:01 PM on September 14, 2022

I have already written about Bill Maher getting red-pilled on COVID. He and Aaron Rodgers discussed the meek response of Americans to the outright authoritarianism of the COVID tyrants.

But something else struck me while watching the discussion that I thought was worth mentioning. Maher pointed out that the US spent more on fighting COVID and dealing with its economic consequences than we did fighting World War II.

Hmm, I thought, that can’t be true, can it? Spending more money on COVID than defeating the worst threat to Western Civilization in history?

Not possible! We had to liberate Europe from Nazi occupation, for God’s sake! We must have spent more money defeating the Nazis alone than we did paying people to stay home, right?

Maybe he didn’t account for inflation. Yeah! That must be it.

Well no. He did. We did spend more on COVID relief than fighting WWII.

The only thing he got wrong was that he slightly underestimated how much we have spent since the Chinese virus hit our shores. By some accounts our kindly overlords have blown $7 trillion. Not counting the additional nearly $5 trillion the fed pumped into the economy. And, of course, this was all money created out of thin air, put on the books for future generations to deal with.

Not to mention the raging inflation we are dealing with right here and now.

America–the entire world–went absolutely crazy in its zeal to fight a virus that was admittedly nasty, but hardly civilization-threatening. It wasn’t like it was the Black Plague which killed between 75million-200 million people, cutting Europe’s population by 30%-60%. Record keeping wasn’t so hot back then, so the range is not especially precise.

China is still destroying itself enforcing an unenforceable Zero COVID policy. At least here in the West there has finally been enough pushback to loosen the restrictions.

Crazy, or crazy like a fox? With policies so irrational that it boggles the mind, you have to know that there were ulterior motives. And, as usual, those real motives were money and power. Money and power flowing to the political, cultural, and economic elite. They did quite well out of the COVID madness.

choose to plagiarize myself:

COVID has been the gift that keeps on giving to the authoritarian Left. It has been a political cudgel, an excuse for spending incomprehensible sums of money, an excuse for “emergency powers” without limit, and a boogyman to scare the weaker-minded of the plebs. It provides endless opportunities for virtue signaling, spewing bile, and petty tyranny. And every single one of those opportunities has been and continues to be taken.

COVID has provided a blueprint for the next “emergency,” and you can bet that the Left has learned its lessons on how to get most Americans to comply.

Don’t comply.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Oh, wait …

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