Vaccine Passports

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Electronic Vaccine Passports – WHO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Estonia, etc.




  • Want to create two classes of people:  vaccinated, unvaccinated.
  • A vaccine caste class.
  • There is no consideration for medical freedom.
    • Overarching societal structures should not be made by any one element, nor should it ever be dictated by government.
    • The USA is a country where individual choice is more important than all other considerations.
    • The only alternative to freedom is tyranny, and there is no acceptable compromise.
    • This is the unintended consequence of allowing medical utilitarian arguments.
    • A utilitarian argument can always be made by individuals seeking authoritarian control over a population.
  • The term vaccine passport is not
  • Characteristics of vaccine passports
    • Violates individual medical freedom.
    • Restricts associations and activities.
    • Based on arbitrary criteria which are fully controllable by politicians.
    • Does not set a precise scientific standard.
    • May go under various Orwellian names (“Empire Pass”, “liberty pass”, “tourism pass”).
    • Inspires or mandates the creation of physical and/or electronic checkpoints.
    • Limits freedom of assembly or movement.
    • Is extended or paired to other altruistic political causes such as lowering carbon emissions (environmentalism).
    • Favors a product (e.g. vaccine).
    • Does not respect alternative solutions.
    • Has no absolute endpoint.  Fully defined by political forces.
    • Has dual use for tyrannical political objectives.
    • Defines no criminal penalties with low burdens of proof for government or corporate misuse.
    • Is used as an excuse to bypass Constitutional protections.
    • Ignores superior scientific options (e.g. natural immunity).  In Israel, 40% of vaccinated people were re-infected with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) while 0.0086% (<1%) were re-infected who had natural immunity.

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