Top Cardiologist Warns ‘Unexpected Deaths’ Are Linked to Covid Shots

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One of the world’s leading cardiologists is raising the alarm after discovering “significant” links between soaring “unexpected” deaths and COVID-19 vaccines.

Top London cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra was among the first people to get their Covid shot and made regular appearances on British television to promote the vaccinations.

However, he has now made a complete U-turn after unearthing evidence to suggest that the shots are causing a global spike in sudden cardiac deaths in otherwise healthy people.

As Slay News previously reported, Malhotra first spoke out last month and called for vaccinations to be stopped “immediately.”

He argued in a scientific paper that evidence shows that the risk of harm is greater than any benefit.

After further research, Malhotra has issued fresh warnings to the public this week.

“It is my duty and responsibility as a consultant cardiologist and public health campaigner to urgently inform doctors, patients, and members of the public that the COVID mRNA vaccine has likely played a significant role of being a primary cause in all unexpected cardiac arrests, heart attacks, strokes, cardiac arrhythmias and heart failure since 2021, until proven otherwise,” Malhotra said in a video statement posted to Twitter this week.


An internationally renowned expert in the prevention, diagnosis, and management of heart disease, Malhotra is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and president of the Scientific Advisory Committee of The Public Health Collaboration.

He also is an honorary council member of the Metabolic Psychiatry Clinic at Stanford University School of Medicine.

In August, he wrote an open letter to then-British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President Joe Biden calling for the immediate release of the raw data from Pfizer’s original Covid-19 vaccine trial.

According to WND, Malhotra concludes in his paper that the COVID-19 vaccine crisis must be used “as an opportunity to transform the system to produce better doctors, better decision making, healthier patients and restore trust in medicine and public health.”

“Until all the raw data on the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines have been independently analyzed, any claims purporting that they confer a net benefit to humankind cannot be considered to be evidence-based,” he wrote.

In an interview, he explained that it was the sudden death of his very fit and healthy 73-year-old vaccinated father in July 2021 that prompted him to investigate the vaccines.

“Not long after that, data started to emerge that suggested there was a possible link between the mRNA vaccine and increased risk of heart attack,” he told Freeman Reports.

The mechanism causing the cardiac trouble, he said, was an increased inflammation around the coronary arteries.

On top of that, Malhotra was contacted by a whistleblower at a prestigious British university, a cardiologist, who said there were similar research findings in his department that were being covered up.

Malhotra said he discovered, from his examination of U.K. data, there had been an extra 14,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in 2021, when the vaccine was rolled out, compared to 2020.

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