The Truth About Quercetin & What the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Talk About

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(Note: This is a Q&A by Dr. Group of on the benefits of quercetin. When you decide to order through the links on this page, you’re supporting and benefiting, plus getting a trusted product. Thank you for reading!)

By Dr. Group of
Why is everyone searching for quercetin right now? What are the REAL studies behind this that no one is talking about?
If you’ve been keeping up with what’s been going on in the world, you may have heard of quercetin and how it helps fight the “you-know-what” but what you may not know is that this information is slowly being silenced!

Two recent clinical trials on quercetin (particularly the Quercefit®-Quercetin Phytosome®) form of quercetin) have been shown to be effective at reducing symptoms of the “you-know-what” as well as reduce hospitalizations and deaths but you won’t see the mainstream media talking about this. [Source 1Source 2]

For years, we’ve known that quercetin is a powerful antioxidant that not only boosts your immune system and supports respiratory health, but helps with your body’s natural response to allergens, histamines, and inflammation. It is sad and deeply concerning that this basic health benefit information has been censored from those trying to incorporate natural products into their everyday wellness lifestyle. In this current time, you can’t even share valid published clinical studies without social media labeling them as “disinformation”. These are the same people that say “trust the science”. I guess this only applies to “their” science.

How can quercetin help keep our immune systems strong?
Quercetin has been extensively researched with many studies citing its ability to prevent and treat the common cold and flu. [Source 1Source 2]

Quercetin influences intracellular enzymes and may help inhibit histamine release. [source] This can often provide relief for watery eyes, runny nose, and swelling in the face. Quercetin causes a relaxation of the airway smooth muscle, suggesting it may offer therapeutic solutions for people suffering from upper respiratory conditions. [source] Quercetin also helps with zinc absorption, particularly in shuttling zinc into the cells and should be used together to maximize immune function. For even more benefit, add some Vitamin C, it has been shown to boost the function of Quercetin.

The plant based quercetin formula that I created is made using the phytosome form of Quercetin which is uniquely bound to sunflower lecithin to dramatically improve absorption. I partnered with on this deal so that a percentage of every sale goes to funding the operation and fighting this information war that we’re dealing with.

How has the mainstream media manipulated the information that is getting out there?
What kind of research is being covered up that should be getting out there?
This information is being removed online by the powers that be. We’ve personally seen Google remove our research-backed natural health articles from their search engines. This information is getting harder and harder to find unless you know where to look.

I actually advised the former White House administration on protocols that could help Americans get better so that we could have freedom of choice in this country. It’s all about giving people the knowledge they need to make an informed decision for their friends and family.

What made you start Global Healing?
I decided to start Global Healing because I am passionate about helping people with their health concerns. Over 20 years ago we were pioneers in helping people in our clinic using natural health solutions until the FDA decided to shut us down. We’ve been fighting them for years!

I worked tirelessly to get valuable information out there in any way possible and moved into the formulation and development of my own line of supplements that were consistent with my high standards because I was never satisfied with the quality of the products on the market. We were one of the first companies that focused on plant based, non-GMO, and certified organic supplements.’s Quercetin: 

  • Is Made In The USA
  • Boosts Immune Function
  • Supports Respiratory Health
  • Is made with Phytosome Technology for Superior Absorption
  • Comes With A One Year Money-Back Guarantee

People are saying: 

“I switched to Global Healing quercetin after using another brand for many years. It feels like my histamine reaction is more under control now.” – Kathryn

“I am satisfied with this and will add this to my daily regiment. It has helped keep my lungs clear and open to breathe easily. Highly recommended!” – Joe

“This product is the bomb! I suffered sinus issues for most my life only able to breath out one nostril most of the time. After about 2 weeks, my nasal passages are both open and I can breathe!” – Sherry


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