THE PROOF: Many aborted babies are used in vaccine creation

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February 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Remember that blockbuster interview with vaccine researcher Pamela Acker who told us about the reality of abortion-tainted vaccines? Click here to watch it if you don’t remember.

After gaining over 150,000 views, it was removed from YouTube and our main channel was suspended. Still, it’s gotten hundreds of thousands of views on other platforms and it remains up on our Rumble channel.

But we have been flooded with questions ever since we released it. All sorts of people are asking us to give evidence that abortions dating way back several decades are involved in vaccine manufacturing. Well, today on my podcast, I’m going to give you the proof, beyond a shadow of a doubt. And also I’ll give you the key to answer most if not all your questions about the COVID and other vaccines.

Before doing that though, I want to encourage you to sign up today for LifeSite’s virtual conference on vaccines on Friday, February 19 Unmasking COVID-19: Vaccines, Mandates, and Global Health. Click here to register for free to watch this historic event.

LifeSite will have the best experts speaking with staff members in order to give you all the information you need. Doctors like Dr. Leland Stillman, lawyers, vaccine researchers, including Pamela Ackerauthors, entrepreneurs, and Bishop Athanasius Schneider will all be speaking. So, sign up today by clicking this link.

Dr. Stanley Plotkin is considered the Godfather of Vaccines. He is an American physician who worked as a consultant to the biggest vaccine manufacturers and biotechnology firms, non-profits, and governments. In the 1960s, he played a role in creating the Rubella vaccine. His book,Vaccines, is the standard reference textbook on the subject.

I’m going to show you parts of Dr. Poltkin’s 9-hour deposition where he reluctantly admits the horrific facts and gruesome details about the relationship of abortion to vaccines. Dr. Plotkin was called to answer questions from a lawyer who was defending the rights of a mother who refused to vaccinate her child due to concerns about the ingredients in the vaccines.

First off, Dr. Plotkin attempts to conceal the fact that hundreds if not thousands of babies were aborted in the process of bringing vaccines to market. Then the lawyer hands Plotkin a published study with Plotkin himself as the author. The study used over 70 aborted babies. And, after numerous clarifications, he is forced to admit that, yes, this was related to his work with vaccines.

And then, Dr. Plotkin reveals other macabre aspects of the abortion link to vaccines. Not that it should make a difference to pro-lifers, but the children aborted were not disabled babies who were likely to die in the womb anyway. They were not miscarriages either, as is so often presented to assuage the consciences of people conflicted about taking abortion-tainted vaccines. That is just a complete falsehood. He even says that all of them were over three months gestation.

If that is not grotesque enough, Dr. Plotkin’s response to harvesting organs from these dozens of babies, who were aborted all after the third month of pregnancy, is even further disturbing.

So, they were healthy unborn babies all beyond three months gestation and they had to be three months in utero or older because they needed to have developed the organs these mad scientists were after, organs like their pituitary glandsthe unborn children’s lungstheir skin, their kidneys, spleen, hearts and tongues

There were so many of these children killed and, yet, we are supposed to use these abortion-tainted vaccines? That is why Bishop Athanasius Schneider told me there is no way Christians can take these vaccines.

At a later point in the video, the lawyer asks Dr. Plotkin if he is aware that his client was objecting to the vaccines because what they contain were developed from aborted babies. And Plotkin says that despite this, the Catholic Church approves of taking them. But even more than that, he says that the researchers involved will go to hell for it and that he is glad to do that. I kid you not.

I’m certain that you’re going to have more questions. I’m sure, too, that you’ve got much more information now to share with your friends and family. But LifeSiteNews is going to help you even more. We’re running a conference on vaccines with the best experts in the world on February 19. It’s titled Unmasking COVID-19: Vaccines, Mandates, and Global Health.

As uncertainty reigns in the general population, especially around COVID and the vaccines, LifeSite is devoted to sharing the truth. It is time to understand the connection between aborted fetal cells and vaccines, the “next-gen” of vaccines such as the mRNA shots, the healthcare system as a whole, the implications of lockdowns and mandates, as well as the ethical and moral dilemma of abortion-tainted vaccines. 

Register today for our conference by clicking here. The conference is on February 19th. But don’t worry, the videos will be available all day, so you’ll be able to access them on your lunch break and after work or after the kids go to bed, if needed. May God Bless you.


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