Terrified of Memes: Pfizer, Moderna Close Comments on Twitter Accounts

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Something odd happened Thursday. Both Pfizer and Moderna closed comments on their Twitter accounts, allowing only those who they follow or who are mentioned in the Tweets to reply. A quick glance at Pfizer’s most recent post may point to the reason why:

Many of the top comments that made it through before Pfizer shut them down referenced the bombshell Project Veritas video of an executive claiming “directed evolution” of Covid-19.

As one might expect, the damning replies received more likes and retweets than the original post.

That would explain Pfizer, but why Moderna? Their most recent post is essentially a job listing but the comments are closed:

It’s time to ramp up the heat on Big Pharma. They’ve done enough damage and made enough profits to last everyone a lifetime.

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