Taiwan: Birth Rate Dropped -27.66% in June 2022!!!

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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article based on the shocking news that Taiwan’s birth rate in May 2022 fell by 23.34% compared to May 2021.


I explained that in terms of statistics, the change in Taiwan is an unthinkable 26-sigma event of enormous magnitude.

Like most people would, I was hoping, despite evidence from other countries, that this is a data fluke.

Well, it is not, and the data for June was just released in Taiwan. I am very upset.

June Birth Rate Cratered by 27.66%!

Compared to June 2021, birth rate in Jun 2022 is down by -27.66%. This is far worse than the previous month (May) drop of -23.34% and indicates a worsening birth rate trend.

Here’s the updated chart:

Mind you, last Sep of 2021, when Jun 2022 babies were conceived in Taiwan, the people of Taiwan were mostly unaware of what was going to happen, and kept their family making plans intact. They probably did not notice a 27.66% decrease in pregnancies, or an increase in stillbirths. If someone told them, the young people of Taiwan probably thought that it was antivax propaganda that they should dutifully ignore, like their government and TV told them.

Young people were being happily vaccinated.

The result? An “impossible” birth rate drop of -27.66% is basically a slow death sentence for the population of Taiwan, if it continues, especially combined with a 26% increase in deaths.

Media Coverage

The mainstream media is beginning to cover drops in birth rates:

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