VAERS Wonder Instructions

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Summary:  These instructions will allow the extraction of all reported VAERS events resulting in death caused by the COVID-19 vaccine.  Note:  There are various vaccine products for COVID-19 and most of them are mRNA technology.

  1.  Visit the VAERS website.
  2. Follow the link Search VAERS data.

3.  Scroll to the bottom of the page, check [X] I have read and understand the disclaimer.

4.  Click on Search CDC Website.

5.  On the subsequent page, click on I Agree.

6.  Click on the Request Form tab.

7.  Under 1.  Organize table layout,  select Group Results By:  Sex.

7a.  You can also get results grouped by event category, which is also very useful.

8.  Under 2. Select Symptoms, select Browse –> Symptoms –> *All* (All Symptoms).

9.  Under 3. Select Vaccine characteristics, select Browse –> +COVID 19 (COVID 19 VACCINE).

10.  Under 4. Select location, age, gender –> State Territory –> All Locations.

11.  Under 5. Select other event characteristics:  –>  Event Category –> Death.

12.  Press the Send button at the top right.

13.  The results will be presented as a summary report.

If you had chosen Group Results By: Event Category in first table 1. Organize table layout., you would get a result set broken down by category.

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