Six COVID “Super Spreader” Events That The Have Media Ignored

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In this installment of their weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative compare media coverage to highly publicized conservative gatherings to the ignored – even supported – leftist events.



#6: Texan Democrats Flee To Washington, D.C.



Parker: You can add to my list, but let’s establish a baseline of so-called conservative “super spreaders” that the media made sure to remind us about whenever they could. In April of 2020, Americans who just wanted to be able to work protested around the nation. They were portrayed as selfish rubes who didn’t understand the dangers of COVID. The annual gathering of American bike enthusiasts at Sturgis likewise drew the ire of better-than-thou pundits who just knew that bringing 250,000 people together would wreak havoc on immune systems around the country. In this latter example, the media ran headlines like “This One Event May Have Spread Coronavirus to 60% of U.S. Counties” and “Was Sturgis Responsible for 250,000 COVID Cases?” It was all politically-based lying, but because the media operates in an echo chamber, enough Americans mindlessly absorbed the messaging from their nightly news anchors and late night hosts.



By comparison, the jejune antics of elected adults from Texas is being lauded as heroic, courageous, and akin to Paul Revere’s famous nighttime ride (until he’s canceled by PETA for riding a horse too hard or by Bostonians with too many famous white men of accomplishment). Never mind the fact they are ignoring their Constitutional mandate to represent constituents and vote on bills, which would also be construed as a danger to democracy if they had an (R) and not (D) behind their names, they flew to the nation’s capital unmasked, in close proximity, and met with others from different states. In the course of doing so, they themselves contracted COVID (six as of the latest count) and also spread it to aides in the Harris and Pelosi camps.



A lot of commentators are asking how this is possible if they are all vaccinated. Considering Anthony Fauci forgot which arm he allegedly received a jab, it’s fair to ask if he or other power-broking elites got the experimental genetic therapy concoction at all, it might be that they simply aren’t. That seems unlikely, though. Leftists fear a virus with a 99.98% survival rate almost as much as they fear the specter of white supremacy. These people are lining up to get their own kids jabbed, regardless of the science and realities of COVID and young people. Fear rules the day, and it would not surprise me if these people’s own children have to convince them that monsters do not, in fact, live under the bed or in the closet.



At the end of each scenario, we need only ask one question: How would this story be portrayed if they were Republicans? The answer to that simple question is proof of the manufactured hysteria and overt politicization of COVID.



#5: Mostly Peaceful BLM/Antifa Riots of 2020



PF: Last summer at the height of the COVID hype, much of the country was locked down tight. We couldn’t go to church. We couldn’t have wakes and funerals for our loved ones. We couldn’t even take our kids to the local, outdoor park for fresh air, which was contradictory to everything we knew then and now regarding the virus’ transmissibility. It didn’t matter. We were on lockdown and governors and mayors, mostly Democrats, were making sure everyone knew they were in control.



They were calling the shots, whether you liked it or not, because the virus is that dangerous. If you walked your dog without wearing a mask, you’d be killing Grandma. If you had friends over for an outdoor barbecue and didn’t socially distance, you’d have ‘blood on your hands.’ It was Orwellian. But strangely, Democrats and media talking heads didn’t seem the least bit concerned with the so-called mostly peaceful protests against so-called systemic racism. The COVID virus that was so deadly we couldn’t even visit a dying relative in the hospital was somehow not problematic if you happened to be marching, yelling anti-American slogans, burning the flag, and throwing rocks at police. COVID must be the most intelligent and politically astute pathogen that has ever existed.



New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio, who oversaw the single worst results regarding COVID of any elected official in the country, may have been the most duplicitous on the issue. Regarding churches, parades, and other outdoor gatherings, DeBlasio explained, “We just can’t have that while we’re focusing on health right now.” Yet DeBlasio simultaneously fully supported, permitted, and participated in, large-scale BLM protests, many of which featured protesters only inches away from each other without masks. For those folks, DeBlasio insisted, “People’s voices need to be heard.”



We’ll never know how many people were infected with COVID during those protests/riots, because the media has been complicit in the lies all along. And we’ll never know how many of them died. But we do know that approximately $2 billion of damage was caused by those riots, and twenty-five people died as a result. But since those rioters were on the same page politically as the Democrats and their media, they looked the other way.



#4: Joe Biden’s election “victory” produced elation-filled gatherings in the streets



Parker: I am going to use some terms loosely, but Joe Biden “campaigned” largely on Trump’s “ineffectiveness” in handling the COVID “outbreak.” The frenzied news cycle – intentionally frenzied, I might add – makes it easy to forget now that when COVID first hit the public airwaves, Trump responded immediately and forcefully by shutting down air travel to the origin country of the pandemic – China. Joe Biden pounced on that by claiming xenophobia prompted the travel ban. Once public hysteria was generated, the narrative immediately pivoted from not needing to worry to not being able to worry enough.



As the fifteen days extended, many Americans had had enough of the lockdowns and drastic measures to stop the bad flu. As I wrote about, protests broke out across the nation as right-leaning folks expressed their frustration over government overreach and absurd restrictions on private, small businesses. This was portrayed in the media and Democrat circles as selfish and murderous. I mentioned this first, but it’s important to come back to because as several of our examples will show, protesting for the wrong political narrative is dangerous but protesting for the right political narrative is safe. That has been the consistent message.



The Biden team pounced on COVID because fear drives voters to the polls. Cases were first prioritized, then deaths, then variants – it never went away in the election cycle. All of the major media outlets ran constant tickers to make sure we knew Trump and his supporters were enabling both the unmitigated spread and constant death. Let’s not forget that the ticker disappeared on January 20th. So, while Biden named COVID as a top priority at the polls, and “won” in part due to this presentation of falsehoods, it never seemed to matter to the general public that in the immediate declaration of his “victory” that ebullient, well-populated celebrations erupted all across the nation. To note, many of the celebrants were unmasked, which again exemplifies leftists’ interpretations of governmental fiat rule: They are above the law; only we the conservatives need to abide by subjective measures.



#3: Wuhan Military Games in October 2019



PF: We learned last month that in October 2019, almost six months before the COVID pandemic exploded, over 9,000 athletes from more than 100 countries gathered in Wuhan, China to compete in the Wuhan Military World Games. Evidence is mounting that perhaps those games weren’t just a super-spreader event, they were the super-spreader event. Shortly after the games’ conclusion, scores of athletes from dozens of countries went home and turned out to be COVID-positive, and then went on the record in stating their belief that they contracted the virus in Wuhan during the competition.



It appears highly likely at this point that the COVID virus itself originated at the Wuhan Laboratory of Virology. The timing on the fast spread of the disease across the globe by early-2020 would align perfectly with the Wuhan Military Games being the culprit of the virus being so well-seeded in so many countries. And perhaps more than any other aspect of the pandemic, it is absolutely critical that we understand its origins. Where did it come from, how did it spread so fast, who is responsible, and how do we ensure it never happens again? But the lack of curiosity by the left regarding the role the Wuhan Games played is remarkable.



Congressional Republicans such as Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) are pushing for an investigation by the Biden Administration on the matter, yet the story has barely been covered by the mainstream media. But why?



If we’ve learned nothing else from the first six months of the Biden Administration, it’s that their foreign policy approach is utterly impotent. They pay lip service to allies such as Israel. They sit on their hands while pro-freedom protesters in Cuba risk their lives. And their dealings with aggressors such as Russia and their cyber-attacks, and with China and their various hostilities, indicates that they’re not holding China accountable because they don’t want to. They’re afraid of rocking the boat, and they also are quite fond of communism. The feebleness of this Administration, and the way other Democrats and the media are enabling them, is bizarre.



#2: Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration hosted 2,000 guests and 25,000 National Guard



Parker: Washington, D.C. is nothing if not full of abject hypocrites, so let’s not pretend any of what happened is surprising, but it’s worth noting nonetheless. Now, the 2,000 estimated attendees to the January 20th inauguration is a far cry from the 500,000 seen by Obama and the however-many that were acknowledged visiting Donald Trump’s swearing in, and COVID provided a nice cover for the fact that the “most popular president by vote count” in American history wouldn’t have been able to draw enough participants to fill the first few rows. Still, 2,000 is a lot of people for a confined space when considering that at the time the CDC was recommending – and the government was enforcing – strict crowd control measures. That included restaurant shutdowns.



I included the piece on the extreme guard presence to remind folks that 1) this actually happened and 2) they were condemned to harsh, at times incubatory, conditions. Everyone denied requests for additional security on January 6th, but apparently two weeks later was okay. By January 22nd, 200 soldiers had already tested positive (NY Post link) based on their cramped living conditions and close proximity to one another. There is no telling how much higher that count went after several weeks of similar conditions.



#1: The border crisis, and COVID-positive illegal immigrants  



PF: As we’ve mentioned, Democrats like to point to alleged super-spreader events involving causes they don’t support. Last fall when Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn celebrated a wedding, the media went nuts, pointing out that there were ‘thousands’ of attendees. Democrats don’t like religious people, so they hammered away at the irresponsibility of the Hasidic community. Before the Super Bowl in Tampa in February, the media was predicting it would be a super-spreader event; Armageddon. Democrats don’t like Florida because Ron DeSantis is a terrific Republican governor, and since Tampa is in Florida, they had their sights set on the Super Bowl; and essentially dismissed the news when it turned out the event was not a super-spreader.



But when it comes to perhaps the single-largest super-spreader event the country has seen yet, they blow it off. We’re setting records with the number of illegal immigrants crossing our border. There have already been over one million arrests of illegals entering the country this year, and who knows how many more have come across undetected. Biden and his cronies have enabled – and at least initially, encouraged – the illegal entry of these folks. And while COVID is such a hot button topic for Biden when it suits him, when it comes to immigration driving infections, he’s been silent.



We have people pouring over the border, and we can safely assume few of them socially distance or wear masks on their journey. And we can virtually guarantee even fewer have been vaccinated. This mass exodus from the southern border, the millions of folks who will come here illegally this year, is itself one massive super-spreader event. The detention centers are woefully overcrowded. Protocols for non-vaccinated folks are not being followed. And the rising number of infections in places like Southern Texans are almost certainly due to the immigration problem. If Donald Trump was still president, this crisis and its impact on the pandemic would be a top story on the news every night.

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