‘Safe and Effective’: Jab-Pushing NYC Hospital Markets Myocarditis Heart Treatments to Children

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A new commercial from New York – Presbyterian Hospital informs views on “child myocarditis”

Last Updated on September 19, 2022

A top jab-pushing New York City hospital is now marketing heart treatments to children to combat a massive spike in youth cases of myocarditis, a lethal heart condition that has been directly linked to COVID-19 “vaccines.”

A new commercial from New York -Presbyterian Hospital markets myocarditis treatments for kids. A fatal heart condition, cases of myocarditis have skyrocketed since the forced adoption of COVID-19 jabs began, leaving scores of otherwise healthy individuals dead in their wake.

While the CDC and federal government tried to ignore and outright deny that the explosion in cases of the lethal heart condition was linked to COVID “vaccines,” they now openly admit it as a medical fact and also admit that children and young adults are the most likely to suffer.

Nevertheless, the American medical community continues to push the jabs, and apparently, profits off of their side effects.

In the new myocarditis commercial released by New York-Presbyterian, a little girl talks about her dreams of becoming a fashion designer, but says that “one day I had a stomach ache so bad that I didn’t want to do anything.”

“The team at New York-Presbyterian said it was actually my heart,” the young narrator, who is portrayed as a cartoon, goes on to say. “[My heart] was severely swollen. Something called myocarditis. But doctors gave me medicine and then used machines to control my heartbeat. They saved me. So now I can become the next great fashion designer.”

The bizarre new ad was posted to Twitter by Dr. Anish Koka, a cardiologist who noted that it was the first ad of its kind he’d ever seen.

“First child myocarditis ad I’ve ever seen,” Koka wrote.

Myocarditis and overall heart defects have spiked massively since the advent of COVID jabs, causing, in numerous cases, healthy, multi-jabbed young people to drop dead.

National File was among the first to report on the jab-induced myocarditis spike, profiling several severe vaccine reactions as early as 2021. That reporting was confirmed by the CDC, who, under immense public pressure, admitted at the time that jab-induced myocarditis was occurring “predominately in adolescents and young adults, more often in males than females, more often following dose 2 than dose 1, and typically within 4 days after vaccination.”

Nevertheless, plans to offer and promote the shot to young people and children of all ages, even babies, moved forward.

Once a rarity, tens of thousands of pediatric cases of jab-induced myocarditis have been acknowledged by the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, otherwise known as (VAERS). Last year, a whopping 29,410 cases of childhood myocarditis were reported in the VAERS system. So far this year, 23,122 cases have already been reported.

For comparison, in 2020, the year before the jabs for kids were released, VAERS reported just 115 myocarditis cases. In 2019, it reported only 112.

Over the past weekend, National File reported on the case of Valencia Prime, a 25-year-old, pro-jab drag queen from Philadelphia who collapsed and died mid-performance. According to Philadelphia’s medical examiner, Prime, like many a jab victim, died of a “cardiovascular” (heart) issue.

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