Open Letter to US Legislators from Dr. Li-Meng Yan

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Open Letter to US Legislators from Dr. Li-Meng Yan

The purpose of this statement is to provide insight into how the CCP’s influence and ambitions are undermining America. I want to clearly distinguish the difference between the Chinese people and the Communist Chinese party regime. My remarks are entirely focused on the CCP regime and its ideology. My hope is that after reading this statement, you will consider it and then act upon what you learn… each of you in a way that maximizes your own expertise, your unique knowledge, and your particular area of focus.

As is well documented, China has been working for decades to build its economic and military capacity in an effort to achieve its stated objective of global dominance by 2035. In only 30 years, China has gone from being a potential threat to America to being an imminent threat: politically, economically, and militarily.

In order to understand the complexity of the effort, it is essential to understand the pillars that buttress the CCP. Together these pillars increase the CCP’s strategic reach and tactical agility, increasing their influence, strength, and control in the arena of economics, technology, space, and warfare.

The pillars are as follows:

Pillar 1: Military-Civil Fusion

Military-Civil Fusion in China refers to the use of civilian fronts as a cover for work being done on behalf of the military and CCP.

Two examples:

Inside China, there is no functional difference between a civilian virology lab and a military virology lab. Scientists from the People’s Liberation Army carry out bioweapons research in labs disguised to look like civilian labs. They do this all over China, including in Hong Kong….including the WHO reference lab in which I worked in Hong Kong.

For example, why would General Wei Chen, a military bioweapons expert, take over the civilian Wuhan Institute of Virology in February 2020? She has been put in charge of covering up evidence of bioweapon research at the WIV. In May of 2021, she was promoted to Vice Chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology.

In July 2020, a Chinese researcher was arrested in California after hiding her military affiliations. Juan Tang was one of four visiting researchers who had infiltrated a university in Sacramento. She had arrived in the US in December 2019, just as the virus was beginning to emerge in Wuhan. Ultimately, all four infiltrators were charged with visa fraud.

However, questions arise:

>  What intellectual property did they steal?

>  Were any American scientists compromised by these CCP agents?

A more current example involves Dr. Lanying Du from the New York Blood Center in Manhattan. She is the wife of a now-dead PLA scientist, Yu-Shen Zhou. Zhou was a leading virologist and immunologist. He was studying a Covid-19 variant in a PLA lab in China in May 2020. Soon after, he died unexpectedly. That variant coincidently is the same variant that later appeared in the UK in September 2020. Du, his wife, remains an important link in the CCP network. She graduated from a PLA university and then moved to the lab where I worked in HK to complete her Ph.D. From there, she went to the New York Blood Center. This is important because it gives her access to the genetic data of Americans.

The CCP has long been interested in genetic bioweapons. She is also important to the CCP’s military-civilian network inside America—which includes Dr. Fang Li, a sitting professor at the University of Minnesota, and Dr. Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Together they have received millions of dollars of grant money from the NIH for studies related to the coronavirus and the vaccines.

Having CCP agents embedded in US universities is a very significant threat to America. These informants include professors, researchers, and even students. In some cases, they are here to serve the CCP, but in many cases, they are forced to serve the CCP by stealing scientific knowledge and research data. They are also here to establish professional networks that can exploit, manipulate and compromise American scientists. The US must realize the danger and immediately scrutinize it.

Pillar 2: Medical and Academic Research

Medical and academic research often serves as an entry point for CCP agents. They seek friendly collaboration but have the same nefarious motives as military scientists.

The CCP leverages the infiltrated professional networks at US universities and private biotech labs using inducements in the form of research attribution, achievement awards, grants, and capital investment. These become the often subtle levers of corruption within the US research and private biotech communities. This insidious tactic has corrupted the independence of researchers, medical doctors, and private biotech companies.

The perfect example of this was the egregious inaction by the WHO and Peter Daszak in the early weeks of the pandemic. A longtime advocate for gain-of-function research, Daszak facilitated its funding by the NIH using his EcoHealth Alliance organization. To assist the CCP in its propaganda, Daszak promoted the ‘nature-origin’ theory to the outside world as the lab-enhanced virulence of the virus became known. He did so without acknowledging or disclosing his own connection to gain-of-function research which he had enthusiastically promoted for years.

Pillar 3: Misinformation and Censorship

Those who disagreed with the ‘nature-origin’ theory were crushed by misinformation and censorship. Even in the face of early evidence to the contrary, including my own, there was no disputing the ‘official narrative.’ Just this past weekend, there were reports that the Biden administration is slowly conceding that the virus likely came from a lab. Why do the mainstream media and Big Tech still remain silent?

The tech industry has revealed to the world what we in China have long known. The ability to digitally monitor and censor speech was perfected in China. We now live with what the Chinese people refer to as the “Great Wall.” This is a wall of digital surveillance that is ever-present and imprisons those who live within it. It is a digital prison for anyone who questions authority and seeks freedom.

Just last week the Biden Administration acknowledged that they are “assisting” FaceBook to ‘flag’ content which they assert is medically incorrect. This is deeply disturbing and must be challenged.

In order to be successful in the US, the CCP needs willing collaborators. Enter the US tech industry. Renowned throughout the world for both their reach and for their audacious claims of independence, they have proven willful collaborators. The CCP has infiltrated many of these companies.

A current example is Facebook. According to reports, six Chinese nationals were hired by Facebook as “third-party fact-checking partners” and are referred to as the ‘Hate Speech engineering team.’ While their censorship feels like an assault on the First Amendment, does such cooperation between tech and the CCP actually constitute a more treasonous collaboration that must be confronted by lawmakers?

It is vitally important that you understand that the CCP has the intention to harm America. They have the capability to harm America⏤and they are already here… inside America. Only through your decisive actions, the commitment to fight, and the will of the American people can their treachery be neutralized.

In summary, the CCP has oppressed and subjugated the people of China for decades. I testify to you that it is their determined objective to do the same to the entire world. The CCP has quietly but relentlessly built an enormous military capacity, one component of which is a bioweapons program using lab-manipulated viruses. Covid 19 is just one example.

Their economic productivity has now nearly drawn parity with the United States.

They have ensconced Chinese Communist Party operatives in many of the West’s most critical scientific, educational, tech, and military institutions.

To be sure, the CCP has been assisted greatly by the growing Socialist Left in America. On every front, they are determined to become the world’s new superpower, and they are now a profound threat to human freedom. If America does not recognize this soon and respond accordingly, the American dream of liberty that has been a beacon of light for the entire world could be lost.

I ask you to join me in this fight to save human freedom for this and future generations.

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