Nuremberg 2.0

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At some point, people will allow themselves to escape their enslavement of willfull ignorance. They will realize that everything related to COVID-19 has been a worldwide deception of epic proportions. That is when we need to reform our governmental and cultural systems to place human freedom and liberty above all else.

“There is no justification for taking away individuals’ freedom in the guise of public safety.”
-Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson – American architect of the Declaration of Independence.

Nuremberg 2.0 Declarations

The following articles must be encoded into our highest levels of law and culture:

  1. Affirm that each individual is the ultimate authority and it may not be desecrated.  Affirm the absolute right for each person to fully control what medical procedures they subject their own bodies to, without exception. The person must not be subjected to incentivized, coerced, or otherwise treated differently because of their medical choices. Institutionalize the right of informed consent, medical freedom and liberty, into Constitutional law without any clever legal or rhetorical circumventions. Remove the ability of any court to rule in favor of, create precedent, or otherwise respect, any motion to restrict individual medical freedom and liberty, without exception. Affirm the absolute right of any individual to reject any legal or non-legal vehicle which that person believes violates their medical freedom, requiring no individual burden of proof or rationalization.
  2. Remove the legal and non-legal ability of a corporation or employer to require any medical procedure as a requisite of employment. The employee may not be subjected to different opportunities, incentives, benefits, or treatment as a consequence of any medical attribute of the person.
  3. Remove legislative, judicial, and executive government authority to suspend or circumvent Constitutional and legal human rights. There can be no “emergency” that allows a government or any other entity to require medical procedures or otherwise effecting anything into a person, under any circumstance, without exception.
  4. Affirm 100% free speech, without exception. Protect the ability of anyone to be critical of any medical procedure, doctrine, product, medication, vaccine, policy, or otherwise. No person or their arguments may be silenced using legal coercion, legal procedure, legal ruling, or corporate policy. No government or entity may create any law or policy which restricts the absolute free speech of an individual person, even if using arguments considered to be “dangerous”, “injurious”, or “hate speech”.
  5. Create the legal ability for a tribunal of any 50 concerned citizens to convene and prosecute any government or corporate official for the violations of any part of these articles. This tribunal may not be influenced by or under the jurisdiction of any other branch of the government nor have conflicts of interest with any corporation. The results of the tribunal may be used only to remove the individual from their government position, without respect to any existing contracts or laws regarding employment, using only the legal standard of preponderance of evidence. The tribunal must have the unquestionable right of legal discovery of any government entity or corporation without requiring voluntary disclosure. The tribunal must have the right of immediate seizure of any suspected evidence in any government or corporate organization. The tribunal may conscript and have full authority of any local or federal law enforcement to accomplish the seizure of evidence without restriction. The tribunal will have the authority to disclose any evidence into the public domain without restraint of any legal commitment to include, but not limited to, vehicles such as intellectual property, government classification, personally identifiable information, protected health information, etc.
  6. American citizens have the full right to withhold any payment of taxation, without burden of proof, if they affirm any article of this declaration are being violated by any member, law, code, policy, association, or organization of the government. No government entity, or individual or corporation working for the US government, may investigate or deny the ability of an individual to withhold taxation and no penalty or consequence may be effected or architected against any individual person exercising this right. A citizen-only tribunal may be convened to investigate, terminate, and criminally convict any entity that violates this article.
  7. Make illegal, punishable by criminal penalty, any advertising or propaganda efforts of a corporation or government entity engaged in the violations of any part of this declaration.  A tribunal may criminally investigate and convict any person involved in a corporation or governmental entity involved in such violations.
  8. Make criminally illegal any restriction to prohibit assembly and religious function by any government on any public property or federal or state property, for any reason.  A tribunal shall have the absolute authority to criminally prosecute any individual or government who attempts to create or effect such restrictions.  Individuals working on behalf of a government agency are not entitled to the use of government resources in their defense nor are they allowed to use qualified immunity to avoid prosecution.

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