NIH Director: Businesses Should Require Vaccine Proof From Customers

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August 1st 2021, 10:30 am

National Institute of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins said Sunday that he supports businesses requiring proof of COVID injection for customers.

CNN’s “State of the Union” host Jake Tapper asked Collins whether “it would be good” for businesses to require vaccine credentials.

“As a public health person who wants to see this pandemic end, yes,” Collins replied. “I think anything we can do to encourage reluctant folks to get vaccinated because they’ll want to be part of these public events, that’s a good thing.”

Collins went on to say he’s “delighted” that some big corporations and even the federal government are taking steps to mandate the jab for their workforces.

“I’m delighted to see employers like Disney and Walmart coming out and asking their staff to be vaccinated,” he said. “I’m glad to see the president has said all federal employees. I oversee NIH. With 40,000 people need to get vaccinated or if they’re not to get regular testing which is inconvenient.”

Collins insisted that COVID vaccine proof measures are a “nudge” that might coerce unvaccinated Americans to get the shot.

“All of those steps, I think is in the right direction. Maybe that’s what it will take for some of those who have still been a little reluctant to say, okay, it’s time. The data will support the decision. They are making the right choice for their own safety. Sometimes it takes a nudge,” he added.

Such draconian protocols are more of a shove than a “nudge”, evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of people in Europe and Australia that have been protesting newly-mandated COVID passports.

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