My letter to the editor on mask wearing. Feel free to adapt to your local paper

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They are bringing back masks in San Jose for city employees. So I wrote a letter to the editor. Feel free to repurpose it for your local paper if you are impacted by these mandates as well.

Let me know if your community is similarly insane thinking the CDC knows what it is talking about.

Here’s the letter I wrote to my local newspaper. Feel free to modify this letter for your local newspaper and submit it.




The recent mask study in Finland was the best mask trial to date. It showed that, if there was any effect at all, masks made it more likely you would be infected. UCSF Professor Vinay Prasad acknowledged this in a recent YouTube video on his channel.

In addition, the highly acclaimed Bangladesh mask study was thoroughly debunked by UK math Professor Norman Fenton who asked the journal to retract or correct the study. Also, the first author of the Bangladesh study, Jason Abaluck, was unable to defend the study in a two-hour discussion with medical journal editor James Lyons-Weiler.

Maybe it is time for politicians to respect what science tells us?

If they have better science, then they should tell us what it is. If they don’t, they should follow the best science.

Please, let’s stop making the problem worse.

We have requested a public debate with Dr. Sara Cody, but she refuses to be held accountable.

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