Microscopic Analysis Of A Blood Clot From A C19 Vaccine Injured Individual

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In my recent posts, we showed different experiments with C19 vaccinated blood.

Visual Inspection Of C19 Vaccinated Live Blood Clots – Rubber (Hydrogel) Like Substance Found – Beware Graphic Images

Image: Four vaccinated Blood Samples left to sit for 4 hours I have posted the work of Clifford Carnicom and myself showing that Near Infrared Spectroscopy performed on C19 vaccinated and unvaccinated blood repetitively identified the spectral signature of functional chemical groups indicating polymer hydrogels.

In this video I show how long the blue filament is running within the red part of the clot. This is 100x magnification.

The blue and white filaments have been seen in the C19 Vials and in Live blood.

Image: Dr. David Nixon. C19 Pfizer Vial Contents. Darkfield Microscopy, 200x

Image: Unvaccinated Blood, Dr. Ana’s office. Blue Filament. 100x magnification


The red blood clot part had classic filaments that we see in live blood now in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. The upper rubbery part of the clot looks like sheets of a material – it is not made of blood cells. I had showed the video in my above linked post that showed this clot to be very rubbery, and not dissolvable by mechanical means. Further analysis is needed and will follow.

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