Mandatory Vaccines: Workers Have Few Rights

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I’ve had to break the news to hundreds of people who call, email: given the federal and state employment agency and DOJ guidance on legality of employers mandating vaccines (which I disagree with and which is at odds with how they treat similar issues), workers have few rights. /

2/ Absent a BONA FIDE medical or religious exemption, employers don’t have to accommodate your preference, and even then, they have ways around a valid exemption and can also shame you with special tags and masks and such, encouraging co-workers to peck you to career death./

3/ Employers WANT this to be mandatory because it takes the burden off them to accommodate the individual healthcare choices of their workers! They don’t care about your fertility concerns, or your natural immunity from having recovered, or your desire not to be a guinea pig./

4/ What choices do you have? Gov. Kristi Noem suggested find another job. Yeah, right. Good luck with that. Governors could make vaccination status a protected category for employment purposes, but they won’t. Why? Because they dare not upset the Chamber of Commerce./

5/ Unions could provide relief with objections, like the postal worker’s union, but in real life those objections are mainly used to get leverage for other concessions./

6/ You could file a lawsuit, but see above. With all the agency alphabets ranged against you and no case law on your side, you will lose. Don’t expect relief from the Federalist Society judicial cavalry. They were usually biglaw partners before representing — big corporations./

7/ I wish with all my heart I could give some hope or comfort to people terrified about taking an experimental drug, or losing their job, and being barred from unemployment benefits because fired “for cause.” I hate to say I can’t help you, but right now there are few options.

8/ People calling my office get irate at my staff for not being able to help them. I understand why people are upset. It’s time for Americans and particularly conservatives to wake up to the fact that corporation-worship has brought us to this point where government works with/

9/ Big tech and big pharma and big banks and big corporations to override your individual liberties, crush you into submission, & leave you without recourse. Consider this set of facts very carefully the next time you vote. Because otherwise your choices will continue to narrow.

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