MAHER: ‘Left-Wing Media Needs to Answer for Its COVID Misinformation’

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posted by Hannity Staff – 3.14.22

Bill Maher says the left needs to answer for their COVID misinformation. The comedian and late night talk show host spoke with the Daily Wire about the left-wing media’s propensity for spreading “bad information.”

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“There’s a lot of bad information on both sides,” Maher says. “Liberals didn’t like it when I pointed out that some 41% of Democrats, when asked the question … how many people who get COVID need to be hospitalized, thought it was over 50%, when it was, of course, around 1%.”

“I mean, that’s a crazy number, to be off that much — no wonder they think you need a mask everywhere, if you think half the people who get [COVID] need to go to the hospital and it’s really 1%.”

“I’m glad we have the vaccine,” Maher told Shapiro. “I personally would not have wanted to get it, but I did — took one for the team. I would have rather had my own immune system handle this one.”

“Now, to me, it’s a case-by-case basis,” the HBO host explained. “I’m not an anti-vaxxer, I just think everybody is different. There are some diseases out there I would fight you for the vaccine.”

Bill Maher: I Didn’t Want To Get The COVID Vax, Wanted ‘My Immune System’ To Handle It

— Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) March 11, 2022

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