Hospital in McAllen overwhelmed with COVID-positive migrants

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By Jenny Goldsberry

Dr. Marc Siegel uncovered the story of the McAllen Hospital in Texas that is overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases. But the majority of their patients aren’t locals, they are migrants who just crossed the border.

Now, Dr. Ivonne Lopez-Lopez of the hospital says the surge is due to the unvaccinated patients. Nearly all of their patients are unvaccinated. Even fellow vaccinated doctors have contracted the virus.

“They’re coming in because they want a better opportunity,” Lopez-Lopez said. “I try to hear them out, right because they are coming in with an idea, a dream, and they end up sick.”

As a result, The White House recently sent 8.5 million vaccine doses to Mexico, 1.5 million to Honduras and 1.5 million to El Salvador. Meanwhile, border patrol agents are also suffering, some contracting the virus and even dying.

In Siegel’s opinion, the COVID-19 response needs to evolve with the times. “The biggest mistake of the whole pandemic is rigidity,” he tweeted, “not acknowledging that you are shooting at a moving target, not acknowledging the latest research (on masks, on schools, on vaccines) as it emerges, not altering your thinking even when the whole game changes.”

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