Government scientist who has advocated for more Covid controls is member of the Communist party

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She has reportedly been a member for over 40 years

A scientist who advises the Government and has advocated for more coronavirus controls is a member of the Communist Party.

Professor Susan Michie, Director of the Centre for Behaviour Change at University College London, sits on a sub-group for the Government’s SAGE advisory body.She is a frequent contributor on the BBC and ITV but is also a member of the Communist Party of Britain and has been for more than 40 years.Earlier this month she co-authored an article which called for further restrictions on life in the UK and “maximum suppression” of the virus around the world.Professor Michie’s views on suppressing coronavirus were recently described as “nonsense” by geneticist Professor Antony Brooks from Leicester University who has signed an open letter calling for an end to restrictions.“If we continue with such stringent lockdown and suppression measures, the really nasty mutations of SARS-CoV-2 (which will always be out there – and likewise for all the other respiratory viruses) will be selected over the regular strains,” he said.

“Instead of keeping us safe, her plan could help these strains to emerge and spread into dominance.”Luke Johnson, former chairman of Channel 4 said, according to the Mail on Sunday: “Susan Michie is a member of the Communist Party. They know all about controlling behaviour in places like Communist North Korea.”Last year she was one of three government scientific advisors who criticised Boris Johnson for defending Dominic Cummings after driving more than 250 miles during lockdown.Her husband, Professor Robert West who also works at UCL, has previously tweeted that: “Conservative MPs and supporters must be feeling alarmed at what is going on in Government.“It is nothing short of a shambles with Trumpian levels of deceit. The people of this country are being treated like idiots and I doubt they will stand for it.”Professor Michie did not comment on her membership of the Communist Party, but told the Telegraph: “I do not support lockdown restrictions unless absolutely necessary and I frequently speak and write about the range of measures that will help prevent another one, such as putting resources into making workplaces Covid safe and ensuring a well-functioning test, trace and supported isolation system.”I very much doubt that eradication is possible and this is a view that I believe is shared by most of my colleagues.  The aim of maximum suppression is to get Covid-19 down to a low enough level that local outbreaks can be dealt with by Test, Trace and Isolate.

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