FDA Approves Ominously Named “SPIKEVAX” With Insufficient Testing on Pregnant Women

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By J.D. Rucker • Jan. 31, 2022

Another Covid-19 “vaccine” has been approved, this time with even less testing than their first. Moderna’s newest jabs, called SPIKEVAX, have not been fully tested, particularly on pregnant women.

According to their release [emphasis added]:

All pregnancies have a risk of birth defects, loss, or other adverse outcomes. In the U.S. general population, the estimated background risk of major birth defects and miscarriage in clinically recognized pregnancies is 2% to 4% and 15% ro 20%, respectively. Available data on SPIKEVAX administered to pregnant women are insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy.
Considering the FDA, CDC, Anthony Fauci, and pretty much everyone else in healthcare who is beholden to Big Pharma has promoted jabbing pregnant women despite evidence that it dramatically increases the risk of miscarriage, this is an extremely evil move. As we previously reported, military data indicates a 300% rise in miscarriages in the first 10 months of 2021 compared to the previous five-year average.

This would seem to betray the notion that the data is “insufficient.” Moreover, they have mountains of data from the EUA Moderna Vaccine which is reportedly the exact same formulation as “SPIKEVAX.” But the FDA and Moderna are using a hideous loophole. By relabeling this “version” of the drug, any damning data collected regarding the current experimental jabs on the market are not counted in their safety studies.

There’s another huge benefit for Moderna to rebrand their injections. They are able to maintain the protections granted to them by the Emergency Use Authorization that will continue even as the same drug with a different name is officially FDA-Approved. This newly approved rebranded version will not hit the U.S. market, though, just as Pfizer’s “Comernity” has remained conspicuously absent from the market months after being approved. It’s a dirty trick being played by our government and Big Pharma. They can con people by saying the drugs are approved but they aren’t actually offering them those approved injections. Instead, the EAU is being allowed to stay in effect with the original versions of the drug.

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This is pure evil and is clearly part of The Great Reset plans to inject every man, woman, and child on the planet.

They’re playing games with us. Sadly, it’s a deadly game and they know exactly what they’re doing. This article will be labeled as “misinformation” even as it’s derived from their own misleading reports, and pregnant women will be left in the dark.

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