Famous Pharmaceutical CEO and Celebrities Caught Purchasing Fake ‘Vaccine’ Certificates (Video)

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June 1, 2022

Police operation Jenner has resulted in 19 arrests so far health and exposed more than 2,200 people who bought forged Covid passports.

After four months of a major police investigation, authorities have exposed a criminal operation that falsifies Covid “vaccination” passports. Thousands of unvaccinated Spaniards, including celebrities and powerful businessmen, paid money to have their names illegally entered into the National Vaccination Registry. Those who purchased the illegal health passes would have paid 200 and 1,000 euros for these documents.

Police operation Jenner has resulted in 19 arrests so far health and exposed more than 2,200 people who bought forged Covid passports. Among those who purchased the illegal documents are famous businessmen such as José María Fernández Sousa-Faro, president of the pharmaceutical company PharmaMar. Included among those purchasing the illegal documents are the winner of a Goya Verónica Echegui, a prestigious award in acting, and tennis player Álex de Minaur. In addition, the famous singer Omar Montes also downloaded the health certificate provided by the criminal network in exchange for money.

Álex de Minaur


Many of the arrested are employees of the Madrid Hospital of La Paz. They are accused of stealing confidential information in their hospital to falsify the documents that claimed the unvaccinated had completed their vaccination schedule.

In addition to the La Paz health workers, others who acted “as intermediaries” to access the hospital’s computer systems are implicated. As reported by the Police, they entered the people who paid them in the National Vaccination Registry illegally.

Watch the following Spanish news report translated by RAIR Foundation USA:

Some of these arrests raise important questions. The head of the pharmaceutical company PharmaMar, an accomplished professor of biochemistry, was on that list. One might expect he would understand the nature of these shots better than those who have no science background. Given that he took a serious risk and expense to avoid at least the third shot, if not all three, it raises the question of the safety of the shots themselves.

Also, the pro-tennis players who did not get the shot. Would they be guilty of an unfair advantage in their sport? And if so, is that not evidence that the injections are the opposite of a benefit to our health?


He was on that list. 

—Because we are speaking of the CEO of one of the most important pharmaceutical companies in this country.

We indeed know that the national police have been investigating 2,200 people who might have paid in exchange for these fake Covid certificates.

We know there were athletes, actors, celebrities, entrepreneurs among them.

But, as you said, Maria, a name that has leaked caught our attention.

It deals with the CEO of one of the major pharmaceutical companies of Spain, Pharmamar.

It deals with José Maria Fernandez Sousa.

He is 76 years old and is a full professor of biochemistry.

He may have paid money so that the third vaccine dose was included in his Covid Certificate.

They are investigating up to 2,200 people who apparently, supposedly, may have paid money in exchange for these fake Covid Certificates.

Thank you, Pello. 

—José Maria, it is so hard for me to believe, but if this name has been leaked from that list, it is probably because we are speaking of a professor of biology, so, well…

Yes, it is noteworthy. 

—It is noteworthy, Maria, especially because, according to the information leaking from the investigation, we are speaking of someone who apparently had already got the first two jabs.

So he has used this fraudulent means to be included in the list of vaccinated people, only concerning the third jab. We don’t know what actually happened.

But it turns out he is on that list, together with the other names we have been discovering.

I guess there is an explanation for it. I think that, in the United States for example, even if he had got ill, despite the two jabs, this wouldn’t have counted.

They would have asked him to get the third jab. And hence the idea of the fraud, perhaps.

Anyway, committing fraud in something like that… And besides, it doesn’t make sense to get two jabs and not the third.

Of course, except that you know you can still get infected, and it’s not worth it.

José Maria, let’s conclude here. 

Thank you so much for the information.

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