Facebook Post from TV Station Accidentally Reveals More People are Dying from the Vaccine than the Media is Reporting

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A local ABC news station accidentally opened up Pandora’s Box with a recent and now viral Facebook post. Currently boasting 64k+ shares, the post asked for stories about people that lost a loved one because they *weren’t* vaccinated….what ended up happening was a massive deluge of comments from people that had lost loved ones right after the vaccine instead. The number of actual deaths and side effects from the vaccine is something many suspect the media, Big Pharma, this illegitimate administration, and the CDC are personally covering up. Apparently the CDC doesn’t consider anyone that dies within 2 weeks of the vaccine as an actual “vaccination death” and of this post is as telling as it seems to be…..a LOT more people are dying from this vaccine than anything else. The vaccine clearly doesn’t stop people from getting covid, and it’s got a lot of people wondering why they’re pushing it so hard at all. I screenshot as many comments as I could as Facebook is already targeting the post and asking people if they “really” want to share it:

There are literally too many to go through for one article. It’s also interesting because so many people like me are currently in “Facebook jail” for daring to question the vaccine, so we have no idea how many more stories of vaccine deaths from people who can’t currently see it or comment there are. Here are some of the top posts and if it’s any indication…..we’ve got a massive, horrific problem being swept under the rug by the government.

Maybe, just maybe….we shouldn’t be taking the “cure” from the same people that made the virus in the first place to kill us?

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