Exclusive – Secret Government Contract With “Pfizer” For Vaccines

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The much-discussed contract between the Albanian government and the pharmaceutical corporation “Pfizer” is provided exclusively by “Gogo.al”.


Excerpts from the secret contract of the Albanian government and “Pfizer Export B.V”
Regarding “Pfizer Export B.V” in the Netherlands and the Ministries of Health and Social Care and that of the State for Reconstruction and the Institute of Public Health, the 52-page contract defines the amount, costs and conditions that must be met by the Albanian government.

Through this confidential agreement, the Albanian government has bought from “Pfizer” for January 10 thousand 530 doses, paying for a dose of 12 dollars.

Part of the secret contract of the Albanian government and “Pfizer Export B.V”, quantity and price
The contract also reveals the plan for the arrival of 30 thousand 420 doses in February, while in autumn and winter 458 thousand 640 others.

In total, the Albanian government has signed with “Pfizer” the purchase of 499 thousand 590 doses, but there will be practically no delivery of vaccines in Albania in March, April, May and June, while the need for the vaccine in the country is urgent. The distribution of remittances in the last months of the year also remains unclear.

It is not known why the government has planned this distribution of bills for vaccinations, between January, February and autumn and winter and if it is related to its payment capacity, while the thesis of “testing” on Albanians falls down as it is about two purchases. small preliminary. One of the suspicions that circulated some time ago was the impossibility of production for Albania, while it remains questionable whether it was “Pfizer” that conditioned the Albanian government in these deliveries.

Total money we have to pay? About $ 6 million.

In fact, under the contract, the Albanian government will pay $ 2,997,540 (about $ 3 million) in advance within 30 days of receiving the invoice.

From a detailed review of the contract between the Albanian authorities of “Pfizer” and “BioNTech” based in Germany, it is learned that the latter will be responsible for all marketing requirements of the product.

The Albanian government undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the contract and intellectual property.

The terms of the contract indicate that the Pfizer production sites in Kalamazoo (Michigan) and Puurs, Belgium, and the two BioNTech production sites in Mainz and Idar Oberstein in Germany will be where the vaccine will be produced but also other manufacturers that Pfizer judges.

“Pfizer” is the guarantor to ensure that the product is produced in accordance with the specifications while the Albanian government has the following obligations regarding the care of vaccines:

“(B) Upon delivery of the Product to the Buyer at the Place of Destination and, as far as applicable, for any further distribution and / or transportation to a Destination other than a point of use of the Product, the Buyer shall maintain and treat the Product as specified in the Specifications, instructions in Appendix D and instructions provided by Pfizer to ensure the stability and integrity of the Product.

(c) For the avoidance of doubt, the Purchaser shall bear all costs of using the Product after transfer from Pfizer to the Country of Destination, including but not limited to those for the storage of the Product and the distribution and administration of the Product (if applicable) in Albania.

(d) The Buyer shall be solely responsible for the storage, handling, distribution, transportation, administration and use of the Product in Albania upon delivery of the Product to the Buyer or his designee at the Place of Destination.

(e) The Buyer shall be responsible for ensuring that any equipment used to deliver the Product, for example the Shipper (s) and the Monitoring Equipment (s) are stored in a properly clean and safe place to protect and maintain the functionality of such equipment (in controlled conditions, without exposure to weather or pests, etc.).

(f) Pfizer may provide the Buyer with Safety Data Sheets and other information to assist the Buyer in developing processes and procedures, including training, to handle the Product and Product Materials in a safe manner and in accordance with the Laws Ësi The Buyer represents and guarantees that he himself will ensure that all recipients of the Product and Product Materials have the necessary expertise to develop and implement appropriate procedures and training programs to enable proper handling of the Product and Product Materials. in a safe and lawful manner. ”

Prime Minister Edi Rama injecting the “PFIZER” vaccine
No vaccine side effects are mentioned but the contract is for what is called a “Reasonable Commercial Effort”, which means that the risks involved in the pharmaceutical industry, the uncertainties, limitations and challenges of developing, manufacturing, commercializing and distributing the new product are taken into account. of the COVID-19 vaccine, taking into account current factors and issues of potential safety and efficacy, novelty, product profile, ownership position and current competitive environment for such a product.


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