Dr. Wodarg: “I Think This Vaccination is Really the Pinnacle of the Crime”

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Original document:  https://gatesofvienna.net/2020/11/dr-wodarg-i-think-this-vaccination-is-really-the-pinnacle-of-the-crime/

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg is a German physician, pulmonary specialist, and epidemiologist. He is also a former politician for the SPD (Socialist Party). He was an early and outspoken opponent of the draconian measures taken against the Wuhan Coronavirus, which has earned him the opprobrium of a number of people on the Left.

In the following video Dr. Wodarg (the white-haired gentleman with a goatee) discusses the latest COVID news, which concerns the establishment of what appear to be mass vaccination centers at airports and other large facilities.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:


00:00 Our minister stated, from January,
00:03 when the vaccine is supposedly to be ready —
00:06 I believe it was ready a long time ago — but… when… he [the minister] said in January
00:12 they would have all information
00:15 which questions or criticizes the vaccine,
00:19 it would be deleted. They’d start a huge war to avoid
00:24 the carrying capacity… of the population…
00:28 …um… being somehow undermined
00:33 by critical information. So that’s a real threat,
00:36 and we already see how bad it is with censorship.
00:40 But we reckon that we will really be silenced
00:45 …um… SOON. Today I published an article in “Rubicon” and “Multipolar”.
00:52 And most likely the Article will show up on KenFm,
00:56 and maybe also in English. It’s exactly about what they’re trying to do now,
01:01 to set up large vaccination centers everywhere
01:04 That means the vaccine is not given to general practitioners
01:08 who would be able to advise their patients, like they did with the swine flu.
01:14 Back then with the swine flu the doctors said; “No, I will not give this vaccine to my patients.”
01:19 In Germany there was hardly any vaccination, fortunately.
01:22 The doctors practically saved their patients from this bad vaccine.
01:27 They try to circumvent this now.
01:30 They are now trying to make big centers in Germany,
01:33 60 large centers. Huge cold storage facilities are being built.
01:38 Large cold stores are being built at the airports,
01:41 and the pretext for this is that this vaccine
01:44 has to be cooled very, very thoroughly, and you can’t do that in a doctor’s office,
01:48 and in this way there will be great centers,
01:51 similar to those PCR-test centers at the border,
01:56 at airports and such. These are big companies, big laboratories.
02:00 And exactly such companies will then also carry out the vaccination with some auxiliary workers;
02:05 that is the plan. And that the doctors put up with this,
02:09 that the medical chambers are allowing this,
02:12 the way this vaccine is then suddenly administered, by people who have no experience,
02:16 with no previous personal contacts with the patients —
02:19 How they can just watch that, when otherwise they always say,
02:22 the Robert Koch Institute, “You have to give informed consent for vaccination.”
02:27 You have to be well-informed, you have to ensure that there are no side effects,
02:32 because patients react differently to a vaccination.
02:35 A medical history must be taken,
02:38 and all that’s now through this planned mass action.
02:42 It’s like factory farming: people are driven into large halls, large institutions,
02:47 and are [conveyor belt] vaccinated. Only with factory farming is it like this;
02:51 those animals are there for the slaughter.
02:55 That means they only live a few weeks or months; there ARE no late effects.
03:00 They end up on a plate. And that’s different from people
03:03 who want to live for many, many years after the vaccination.
03:06 And all these late effects that can occur there,
03:09 such as autoimmune disease, cancer,
03:12 everything that disturbs the immune system, can cause serious chronic illnesses.
03:18 And when this vaccination is carried out en masse,
03:22 and only one per million in the population has side effects,
03:26 and then there will be millions of people who become seriously ill,
03:30 many more than have suffered from any epidemic so far.
03:34 I wrote this down in detail and,
03:38 I think this vaccination is really the pinnacle of the crime.
03:43 They can’t do that, no way.

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