Dr. Peter McCullough: With 21,000+ Cases of VAXX-Induced Myocarditis That the CDC Has Verified, “One Was Too Many”

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Dr. Peter McCullough has been fighting the Covid-19 vaccines for months. His stance on them is different from many of the “anti-vaxxer” doctors out there because he’s not opposed to vaccines in general but believes the Covid jabs are dangerous. Recently, he backed up his concerns with unambiguous facts.

As Twitter user Pelham loosely noted, mild cold symptoms have been demonized as existential threats worthy of shutting down everything and injecting experimental drugs into the masses, but myocarditis and other heart conditions have been swept under the rug. Here’s the statement by Dr. McCullough:


If ever we needed evidence that the universal vaccination agenda is not based on healthcare reasons, we just need to look at the myocarditis numbers. For a disease that has a tremendous recovery rate for those who are not elderly and with a vaccine that has demonstrated essentially zero efficacy at preventing the spread, it’s insane that the myocarditis numbers alone have been suppressed by the powers-that-be. If we look at the other adverse reaction victims who now number in the millions, it makes it clear that the vaccine agenda is being driven by evil motives.

Big Pharma has drawn the bulk of the ire of those speaking out against the jabs. I have found myself condemning them on a daily basis. But we have to look at the deeper conspiracy if we’re going to see past the sheer greed of Big Pharma. Yes, they’re making a lot of money on the ignorance of the people and the pressure being applied by governments, but this seems to be much more nefarious than just trying to make a buck. The push for The Great Reset by the globalists seems to be using Big Pharma’s greed.

In other words, the greater plans of the globalist elite aren’t about making money but subjugating the people and decreasing the population.

Like Dr. McCullough, we have been adamant in our opposition to the jabs. We need patriotic Americans to stand up to the medical tyranny that continues to rise across the country and around the world. Having this important information in your hands will help you to keep fighting the good fight.

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