Dr. Chris Shoemaker: Covid ‘Vaccines’ Are The Real Reason People Are Sick and Hospitalized this Winter (Interview)

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Miranda Sellick

December 12, 20226

“Ivermectin is the only drug with a five-star gold standard of effectiveness in the world.”

Back in late fall, truth-telling doctors worldwide were predicting that this ‘flu season would likely be a difficult one. The reasons are manifold, not least among them the debilitated immune systems of billions of people worldwide, thanks to the covid experimental injection. Then there are the children, their immune systems unable to cope due to their lack of exposure to common childhood pathogens thanks to lockdown and masking measures, as well as the “vaccine.” This has destroyed herd immunity. Dr. Chris Alan Shoemaker, a Toronto clinician and physician has been an early truth teller throughout the covid story.

“If you’re more immune damaged, you are more likely to suffer from inappropriate or uncomfortable or too frequent infections. But in fact, the whole of society is affected when 80 to 85% of society has received this immune damaging agent. So, no matter who you are, vaccinated or unvaccinated, all are suffering because 80% of us are immune damaged,” Dr. Shoemaker said in an exclusive interview for RAIR Foundation USA.  “And that is what has led to this being the worst winter in terms of ‘flu issues, respiratory syncytial virus issues (RSV), and other generalized immune issues that are putting pediatric cases through the roof in the eastern part of Canada especially. The vaccine has damaged immune systems. It’s immune-damaged everybody who’s still walking around alive.”

On the ground, the immune system destroying properties of the covid shot has produced the opposite of herd immunity. Now, only about 15% of the Canadian population – those who resisted the government propaganda and extreme social pressure to get vaccinated – are the small herd benefitting from this phenomenon. The same is true to a greater or lesser extent worldwide, depending on levels of vaccination.




Throughout the pandemic, a growing number of medics have come to trust Ivermectin as a safe and effective treatment for covid, both in a preventative function and at every stage of the progression of the disease. “There’s study after study – even a year ago – showed that Ivermectin was extremely effective at improving early covid and mid covid. And the studies, even more recently, are showing its fantastic ability to help in late covid,” says Dr. Shoemaker. “In fact, the current study I just reviewed today showed a 75% rate of oxygen improvement in ICU within four hours of being given Ivermectin. What many people described a year ago, which was certain anecdotal evidence of certain patients doing wonderfully in the hospital if their families smuggled in the Ivermectin. Now we have official scientists actually doing it and recording it.”

Ivermectin, explains Dr. Shoemaker, stops the rouleaux formation, which means that it stops the red blood cells from rolling up on themselves and turning into tubes, which are effectively tiny blockages to the heart and lung vessels. When the rouleaux formations are broken up by Ivermectin, difficulty with respiration diminishes. It also helps with the more serious blood clots in larger vessels. “It’s the only drug with the five-star gold standard of effectiveness in the world,” says Dr. Shoemaker. “Hydroxychloroquine has four-and-a-half-star effectiveness. It’s darn good, too. It’s not quite so good in the late stages of covid. The one thing that is guaranteed to harm you in ICU is Remdesivir. It is virtually a lethal medication when given to covid patients.”

However, Ivermectin is still extremely difficult to get in many countries – Canada among them – where it was mysteriously removed from shelves when its effectiveness became apparent. “There’s no confusion as to why it’s difficult [to obtain]. It’s difficult because the College of Pharmacy and the College of Physicians and Surgeons have bowed to what they were told to do by Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada,” says Dr. Shoemaker. “We’re in the backwoods here. Both Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were proven over 40 and 45 years to be absolutely safe for human use. Both of them are marvelous medicines. This has never happened before 2019. Even outside agencies stopped an individual doctor from choosing a medication already on the medical list of approved medications for safety. There is something else going on here. That’s for sure.”


For the unvaccinated, the question of shedding is an increasingly confusing one. Are those who chose not to take the experimental mRNA shot being contaminated by those who did? There has been much discussion on this topic.

Dr. Shoemaker prefers to use the word exuding. This is a term previously used with cancer patients and chemotherapy, whereby family members were advised to take precautions around patients during the first 48 hours following treatment. “We will know that chemicals can exude out subtly from the body, the breath, the urine, etc. And so, could spike protein do the same? Yes, it could.”

Spike Protein

Dr. Shoemaker does not see this as a huge threat, however. “I think it’s the least dangerous way of being exposed to spike protein,” he says. “A slightly more severe way of being exposed to the spike protein is to get a true, massive coronavirus infection of your own.

The most severe way of getting exposed to spike proteins is to have 40,000 billion spikes injected into your shoulder. And that’s why our message has to be to everyone; it has now reached the clear point, it’s time to stop the shots.”

But what of the damage the spike protein does to the body? It targets the most vulnerable areas. “The three areas that they (spike proteins) get to the easiest are the immune system through the spleen and bone marrow, the ovarian system, and the brain system. It can certainly get to the heart as well, causing myocarditis,” says Dr. Shoemaker. “So we are inheriting fertility, we’re affecting our immunity and our chance to have a normal lifespan, and we’re affecting our cognition, the way that we can be normal, ethical, thinking coherent humans.”

For the immediate future, Dr. Shoemaker suggests that viral infections will regress to more normal levels within three to four months. And if Canadian governmental agencies are truly in the business of saving lives, he would also like to see the widespread availability of Ivermectin through pharmacies as an over-the-counter medication. “Those of us who are on the side of science, those of us who were willing to look at all sides, we are about saving Canadian lives,” he says.

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