Devastating video thread shows debilitating effects of Covid jab… vaxxers hardest hit…

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ToTheLifeboats  @ToTheLifeboats

Aug 8

So you’ve wrecked your immune system, and now need booster shots to live. If doctors were doing the right tests, they would also discover 100% of you are pissing carcinogens:


What’s causing the inflammation? It looks like spike proteins causing clotting in the capillaries. D-dimer tests show that 62% (now 68%) of the vaccinated test positive for blood clotting:

So what does this mean?

  • Immunity wears off after ~6 months
  • More susceptible to variants
  • Immune system is 5-6x weaker
  • Your body is processing carcinogens
  • Immunological response to corona viruses is to pump out spike proteins, causing more clotting. Here’s how that ends:

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