Denied as a Jumpseater or Pass-rider?

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Who This Is For?

  • Pilots
  • Flight Attendants
  • Company Employees
  • ATC Controllers
  • Anyone except passengers

What This Report Does

Gets your report to the appropriate airline people who handle these issues.  The intention is that you use your internal airline procedures first (e.g. your union’s jumpseat grievance process).  If you don’t know who to file a report with, use the form below.


  1. Record time.
  2. Flight number.
  3. Airline.
  4. Retain your ticket / pass.
  5. Optional
    1. Captain’s name.
    2. Reason for refusal (e.g. “no unvaccinated aboard my airplane!”).
    3. Was the aircraft full?
    4. Anyone else higher priority in front of you?

Highly recommended:

  • Say as little as possible.
  • Exit promptly (nothing to be gained).
  • Retain evidence of the situation (photos of your passriding ticket).


  • Argue, fight, or get emotional.  They will use this against you.
  • Attack gate agents in any way.  Employees will try to say you were unprofessional and you could get in trouble with your airline.
  • Make threats.
    • Legally, you are on private property.  They can say you are trespassing at any point.
    • Your objective is to catch them on a procedural violation of an airline or union agreement.

File Report / Ask for Help

  • If your airline or union has a specific procedure for handling CASS (jumpseat) or pass-riding issues, use that.
  • This form is a gateway to those resources in case you are at another airline and you do not have access to those reporting systems.
  • We are just a group of airline guys at various airlines that will help you get to the right place, we are nothing more than that.
Optional but it's a backup in case we can't get to you by email.
Local time
What you were told, any unprofessional acts done to you, how to get ahold of you if not by email. YOU DON'T HAVE TO TELL US ANYTHING... WE CAN JUST HELP YOU GET YOUR COMPLAINT TO THE RIGHT PLACE.

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