Delta Variant Death Rate Among Vaccinated Over 5 Times HIGHER Than The Unvaccinated In England

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Delta Variant Death Rate Among Vaccinated Over 5 Times HIGHER Than the Unvaccinated in England


One particularly interesting email explained in great detail how it was absolutely impossible for Covid-19 to have come from any other means than gain-of-function research. I asked to publish this physician and researcher’s report. They declined, saying that the information in their research would identify them as the source. I had to come to the same conclusions through other means or there was no way to post it. After hours of research, I couldn’t put it all together.

The reason I bring this up is because we need more doctors and scientists who know the bits and pieces of truth that everyone needs to hear to be bold and come forward on the record. Is it a risk? For many, it absolutely is a risk. Many have been threatened with losing their jobs or even their licenses to practice if they don’t toe the line and project the accepted narrative.

One doctor who has never shied away from exposing the truth is Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn. We are blessed that he writes for us and brings our audience information that they’re not hearing from their own doctors. We need more people like him, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny if we’re to have any hope of winning this battle.

His latest article below is shocking. It’s shorter than many of his pieces but it delivers the type of statistical information we need. In 2021, we cannot rely on Big Pharma’s proxies at the CDC, the Democrats’ puppets in mainstream media, or the globalists’ slaves in the halls of government in America to disseminate the truth. In fact, they’re all pushing false narratives with the sole intention of achieving universal vaccinations, science be damned.

Could you imagine the backlash if a mass awareness of information like the data below could be achieved? It’s so unambiguously contrary to the common narrative that even the “normies” who have been “fully-vaccinated” will have to start questioning if there’s another agenda in play.

It can happen. Awareness can be achieved, but only with the help of those who are willing to spread the truth. This Labor Day weekend as many people engage in social gatherings with family and friends is an ideal time to bring people into the know. We need everyone, vaccinated or not, to become aware of what’s happening. With booster mandates already on the horizon, they need to be turned into skeptics of the Big Pharma agenda as quickly as possible.

Another way to help spread the word is to donate. Ever dollar sent to us is used to keep our network operating and to advance the truth to the world. With all that said, let’s turn it over to Dr. Hirschhorn for an explanation of the numbers that mainstream media doesn’t want you to know about…

Anew report with detailed data from Public Health England provides some startling numbers.

For the period of February 1 through August 2 there were COVID Delta variant cases for 47,000 people who had received 2 vaccine doses, and for 151,054 people who were unvaccinated.

In the first group of vaccinated people there were a total of 402 deaths, and in the second much larger group of unvaccinated people there were 253 deaths. To get the death rate you divide the number of deaths by the total number of infection cases.

That gives a death rate of .86 percent among the vaccinated and .17 percent among the unvaccinated. That is an amazing difference.  The death rate among vaccinated was just over five times greater than that for the unvaccinated.

In other words, unvaccinated people who got infected were enormously safer from death. How can we explain this huge difference in terms of medical science? It should also be noted that it was determined that the measured viral load in both groups was the same.

So, why are vaccinated people dying more frequently than the unvaccinated.  Here are some plausible explanations.

First, there is something very dangerous and unsafe in the COVID vaccines associated with spike proteins that are causing people to die at a higher rate.  For example, as discussed elsewhere, all current vaccines have been associated with serious blood problems, notably both large and microscopic blood clots.  Many people have died from brain bleeds and strokes, for example.

There are also many, many other types of adverse side effects causing a host of medical problems.  Two famous virologists warned against using the current vaccines because they are fundamentally unsafe and could be killing people.  They loudly proclaimed that the mass vaccination program should be halted.  Instead, they advocated use of treatments using generic medicines like ivermectin, as detailed in Pandemic Blunder.

Second, it is reasonable to believe that most unvaccinated people have acquired natural immunity from some prior COVID infection.  And that natural immunity is far more protective than the artificial or vaccine immunity obtained from jabs.  Yet the US, like many other countries, does not give credit for natural immunity on a par with vaccine immunity when it comes to COVID passports and mandates.  Very few nations do the right thing by honestly following the science.

Third, vaccinated people are susceptible to breakthrough infections, which means that they are not protected against infection after they have been originally infected.  Phony and dangerous COVID vaccines do not destroy the virus, nor prevent transmitting it to others.


The new data from England involving very large numbers of people should be headline news.  But the biased and dishonest big media suppress this kind of critical data.  Why?  Clearly, if vaccinated people die at a much higher rate than unvaccinated people, then why should people be enthusiastic about being vaccinated?  They should not.  This is especially true for the millions of people who have natural immunity.

Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn, author of Pandemic Blunder and many articles on the pandemic, worked on health issues for decades.  As a full professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, he directed a medical research program between the colleges of engineering and medicine.  As a senior official at the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment and the National Governors Association, he directed major studies on health-related subjects; he testified at over 50 U.S. Senate and House hearings and authored hundreds of articles and op-ed articles in major newspapers.  He has served as an executive volunteer at a major hospital for more than 10 years.  He is a member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and America’s Frontline Doctors.

Plandemic, Voter Fraud, Afghanistan: All Parts of The Great Reset

If you still consider “conspiracy theorist” to be a pejorative, you’re not paying enough attention.

What do Covid-19, 2020 (and beyond) election fraud, and our disastrous abandoning of American citizens in Afghanistan have to do with one another? They’re all parts of the globalist plan to usher in a new era of Neo-Marxism in a depopulated world. This is The Great Reset unfolding before our eyes, and the only way we can stop it (other than through constant prayer) is to stand together and spread the truth.

Covid-19’s attachment to The Great Reset is obvious, though we continue to post about it daily. Voter fraud is a bit less obvious but nonetheless easy to recognize when we understand that people like Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, and Emmanuel Macron are pushing to “Build Back Better” under the precepts of Neo-Marxism.

The Afghanistan betrayal in August, 2021, is harder to associate with The Great Reset, but it’s definitely just as attached. We can see this is the unwillingness of the Biden regime to extend the deadline to withdraw despite American lives put clearly in harm’s way. We can see it in the needlessly abandoned military equipment that was conspicuously left intact; disabling a Black Hawk takes minutes but they were given to the Taliban in pristine working condition. Then, there’s the pallets of hundred dollar bills left for them. If you think all of this was just irresponsible governance, you probably think Barack Obama is out of politics, too.

Weakening America’s standing in the world and empowering the Chinese Communist Party and others to engage fully with our enemies in a globalist cabal are beneficial to the architects of The Great Reset, and both happened in one fell swoop in August.

These truths need to be spread. As a conservative network of news outlets, we are swimming upstream against the forces of mainstream media. We are getting canceled across the board by Big Tech. We will continue to spread the truth to millions, but we desperately need help to spread the truth to a wider range of people. This is where you come in.

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