Critical race theory bigwig says those who oppose COVID lockdowns are like slave owners

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One of the most prominent voices in the contemporary critical race theory/anti-racism movement asserted in a recent podcast that those who resist COVID-19 lockdowns are akin to … slaveholders.

Ibram Kendi certainly is no stranger to such hyperbolic comparisons. A month ago, he claimed opposition to teaching critical race theory in schools is like fighting against the Brown v. Board of Education decision of almost 70 years ago.

During the 2020 elections, Kendi argued the term “legal vote” is “racist.” And, perhaps most notoriously, during Amy Coney Barrett’s U.S. Supreme Court hearings he compared white people who adopt black children to “colonizers.”

As reported by The Post Millennial, in Kendi’s last podcast he calls the contemporary U.S. a “slaveholders’ republic.” He references an article he wrote for The Atlantic last year in which he says there is “something about living through a deadly pandemic that cuts open the shell, removes the flesh, and finds the very core of American existence: the slaveholder clamoring for his freedom to infect, and the enslaved clamoring for our freedom from infection.”

Says the anti-racist guru: “There’s no difference between that and the individual saying, ‘I should have the freedom to infect people. I should have the freedom to kill and exploit and harass and terrorize and enslave people.’”


Kendi queries: “Instead of the ‘individual to’ it was the ‘community from’. So, how do we as a community gain freedom from slavery, from oppression, or, in the case of the coronavirus, from infection?”

Ironically, Kendi and his guest Mariame Kaba complain that a mass surveillance state, police departments and incarceration “will never create a safe society.” The latter also asserts the GOP wanted to end pandemic lockdowns as quickly as possible because it saw what government could in supporting people via “free” vaccinations and unemployment and small business payments.

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