CNN just ran a piece explaining that “scientists are urgently trying to solve” the question of whether the endless waves of Covid we now have “may be a result of the mRNA technology used to build some Covid-19 vaccines.”

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Not making this up:


Oh? You don’t say? Now “scientists” are “urgently trying” to figure out if the “mRNA technology” is the problem and not the solution?



Maybe they can urgently try to build a time machine too, or an unvaccine machine.

The article also includes this gem, from Dr. Anthony Fauci:

Oh, Tony! T-Dog! Allow me to translate:

I’m not saying it doesn’t work it at all, okay? Not out loud. I’d be absolutely insane to say that out loud after telling A BILLION PEOPLE TO TAKE IT. I’m just saying it could be better. And by better I mean actually work. But I didn’t say that.

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