CNN fires three people for being UNVACCINATED

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Full Article:


CNN has just fired three people for daring to be unvaccinated and coming into the office to work at CNN:


Here’s the fuller statement from Zucker:


This is what a vaccine mandate looks like. They may say it’s not yet mandatory, but it clearly is already!

Being unvaccinated is the new crime in America and companies like CNN are destroying people’s lives over it. What happened to being pro-choice with your own body?

Just six weeks ago Governor Cuomo was saying that as a vaccinated person, he doesn’t care if you’re unvaccinated because you can’t hurt him. That was the science in June. Boy how times have changed in just six weeks:


Cuomo was the one asking businesses in New York to enforce a vaccine mandate earlier this week, and this is the result. People lose their jobs for daring to choose not to get vaccinated. It’s despicable.


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