Censorship – Parents Protest Plano ISD Against Mask Mandates

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Parents protested the Plano ISD against their mask mandates.  Masks are not scientifically proven to stop viral spread or infection yet school boards are pushing masks for purely ideological reasons.

WFAA used Twitter to cover this event.  The story was written and photographed by a California, San Francisco transplant, Tiffany Liou.

She published this story while censoring the posters that went against her personal narrative and the narrative of Channel 8 / ABC.  The anti-mask posters were digitally blurred to be unreadable, while the pro-mask poster is prominently visible.  They are pro-mask, at all costs, even through medical tyranny.


Here are the original posters.  It’s pretty clear why Tiffany Liou and WFAA / Channel 8 / ABC censored the photo.


Contact WFAA.

Let them know they are a fraud and highly partisan and that you will be contacting their sponsors.  Then, contact their sponsors.  They will not care what  you say unless it results in legal action or loss of profit ($$$).  Legally, news companies are not obligated to tell you the truth.  It is your job to discern the truth.  News corporations are merely there to put out propaganda.

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