BREAKING: NIH Supports Grocery Stores Requiring Customers to Provide Proof of Vaccination

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Aug 1, 2021

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As I warned you a few months ago on The Todd Starnes Radio Show, the federal government will eventually force businesses to ban any customers who do not have a vaccination card. We are one step closer to that happening.

On Sunday the director of the National Institutes of Health director told CNN he supported an effort to require customers to provide evidence they have been vaccinated.

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Dr. Francis Collins said Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union” that he supports business requiring proof of vaccination for customers.

TAPPER: “Some businesses are going a step further and requiring proof of vaccinations not just for employees, but even for customers in some cases. Audience members for broadway plays and musicals need to be vaccinated. Some bars in San Francisco and D.C. are requiring proof of vaccinations. Do you think as a public health measure it would be good for more businesses to require vaccine credentials in order to have vaccinated customers?”

COLLINS: “As a public health person who wants to see this pandemic end, yes. I think anything we can do to encourage reluctant folks to get vaccinated because they’ll want to be part of these public events, that’s a good thing. I’m delighted to see employers like Disney and Walmart coming out and asking their staff to be vaccinated. I’m glad to see the president has said all federal employees. I oversee NIH. With 40,000 people need to get vaccinated or if they’re not to get regular testing which is inconvenient. All of those steps, I think is in the right direction. Maybe that’s what it will take for some of those who have still been a little reluctant to say, okay, it’s time. The data will support the decision. They are making the right choice for their own safety. Sometimes it takes a nudge.”


As difficult as this may be for some of you to understand, the government wants us to carry vaccination papers to prove that we have complied with their demands.

We are about to discover what it’s like to live in a nation where you could be banned from shopping at a grocery store or getting gasoline at a service station because you haven’t been vaccinated.

It’s a strong-arm tactic one would expect in some sort of authoritarian regime run by state police.

Expect the jack-booted journalists in state-run media to embrace this radical scheme in the name of public health and safety.

Either get the vaccine or the government will starve your family.

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