94% of the people showed abnormalities in their blood after the jab

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The Blood of the Jabbed.

This is a peer reviewed study of 1006 people who took the jab & what happened with their blood.

94% of the people showed abnormalities in their blood after the jab. 100% of these showed alterations to their blood post injection.

This is not normal.

This study used a standard dark field microscope. The changes in the blood are obvious and immediate to observe.

Any medical expert with standard microscope equipment would have been able to observe these horrific abnormalities in the blood.

I don’t need to say much.

The pictures speak for themselves.

All the International abnormal blood samples of injected persons, 948 cases, showed tubular/fibrous formations & frequently also crystalline & lamellar formations with extremely complex but consistently similar morphologies across all of the patients with abnormal blood samples.

This is what they did to us.

It’s obvious, This is the damage that’s being caused.

These injections need to STOP, they need to STOP NOW.

Link to the peer reviewed study PDF



Link to the article site International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research

Link to editorial write up at Epoch Times.

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